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Darrell Cochran paces in front of an empty jury box in Courtroom 315 at the Pierce County Courthouse on a drizzly February morning. His auburn hair and goatee are close-cropped; his complexion bright. He seems younger than his 49 years. Whispering to himself, he stretches his neck from side to side, like an athlete eager for the bell ... Read More HERE

Sexual Abuse, Fraud and Negligence Alleged at Closed Centralia Home for Boys

Centralia’s Kiwanis Vocational Home, open from 1979 to 1994, was intended to be a safe place for wayward boys, a state-licensed foster home where 11- to 17-year-olds could get an education and job skills in a “family atmosphere,” according to a 1986 Chronicle article ... Read More HERE
The father of a Tacoma boy critically injured as an infant by his mother’s boyfriend is suing the state Department of Social and Health Services, contending its employees knew the boy was in danger but did not protect him. Ali Imad Abu-Alya seeks unspecified damages for himself and his son, Amir ... Read more HERE

Premera Blue Cross is facing five class-action lawsuits and continuing questions from top officials since the health insurer disclosed a major data breach last week. ... Read more HERE

MultiCare Health System has agreed to pay $7.5 million to settle a lawsuit brought against it and one of its former contractors by patients who claim the regional health care giant misused the state’s medical lien law to squeeze more money out of them than it could get by billing their insurance ... Read More HERE

A Tacoma attorney has filed a lawsuit against the Olympia School District for two alleged hazing incidents involving students. The attorney, Darrell Cochran, filed a complaint for an unspecified amount of damages in Thurston County Superior Court on behalf of Amanda Jackson and her son “J.J.,” court documents state ... Read More HERE

The former foster parents of a Vancouver girl who was taken from their care by the Washington Department of Social and Health Services and placed with her biological father — a convicted child rapist who then sexually abused her for years — have settled a lawsuit against the agency for $3.1 million ... Read More HERE

A Spanaway man is suing a tool retailer after he says he caught on fire while using a gardening tool in his yard. Brandon Austin says he was burning his weeds last August with a Greenwood Propane Torch when the torch caught on fire in his hands ... Read More HERE

Washington students who alleged they were defrauded by the defunct Business Computer Training Institute have won a $9 million settlement and may get tens of millions more ... Read More HERE

The Olympia School District is facing another lawsuit filed by a parent whose child may have been molested by a former school bus driver. The former bus driver, Gary D. Shafer, was convicted in 2011 of molesting three children and possessing child pornography. He was sentenced to 13 years, 6 months to life in prison in 2011 ... Read More HERE

A family that sued Tacoma Public Schools for allegedly failing to prevent sexual assault in a kindergarten classroom agreed this week to settle the lawsuit for $1.2 million, the family's attorney said. The suit, filed April 3 in Pierce County Superior Court, alleged a 5-year-old student at Grant Elementary School was sexually abused by a classmate in 2014 ... Read More HERE

A Seattle-based law firm has filed the first legal action against Apple after the Guardian revealed how the technology giant has been deliberately “killing” its customers’ iPhone 6s if they have had them repaired by a third party ... Read More HERE

A gang of boys from a state-funded foster home kicked a teenager from Somalia so severely that he suffered permanent brain damage. Four years later, the 20-year-old victim still needs frequent hospital stays ... Read More HERE

Are car crash victims getting tricked out of millions of dollars in lawful settlements at the hands of local hospitals? That's the allegation made in a class action lawsuit against MultiCare Health System. The suit claims the scheme involves local hospitals, an out-of-state collection company and fraudulent liens ... Read More HERE

MultiCare Health System this week announced it has severed ties with a collection agency it hired to file medical liens on its behalf, and the regional health-care giant apologized to patients hurt by what it called the vendor's "improper practices." ... Read More HERE
A judge says the final wrongful death lawsuit from the devastating Oso mudslide of 2014 can go to trial later this year. The Daily Herald newspaper reports that King County Superior Court Judge Roger Rogoff issued the ruling last week. It allows attorneys for the family of Steven Hadaway, one of 43 people killed in the slide, to argue most of their points in court ... Read More HERE

The state Department of Natural Resources has agreed to pay $800,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the owner of Ranch House BBQ after a 2007 mudslide destroyed the restaurant off state Route 8 near Summit Lake ... Read More HERE

Toni Cornell of Tacoma was a teenage mother who wanted off welfare and off the graveyard shift at Jack in the Box. She borrowed $7,000, enrolled at the Business Computer Training Institute and hoped for a good-paying office job when she graduated ... Read More HERE

The Puyallup School District will pay $7.5 million and make administrative and curriculum changes to encourage racial diversity in order to settle a two-year civil rights suit ... Read More HERE